Ever since VR took off in porn, there have been a number of production houses and performers who have taken to experiment with this new tech. Today, we review all the VR scenes featuring August Ames and bring you only the best August Ames VR videos. As usual, I’ll be judging the videos based on plot, camera angles, realism, positions, the chemistry between the performers and the level of acting displayed.

#4: Police Brutality – Canadian Busty Babe August Ames Hardcore

Police Brutality Sex
Moving onto our next entrant, we see an entirely different treatment by VRBangers. The plot for our no. 4 stunner revolves around how the tough Officer Ames, brutally fucks her prisoner. Luckily, you get to be that prisoner. The highlight of this beautiful scene was two reverse cowgirl scenes, which inside a VR headset, absolutely blows you off.
The scene starts off with August getting turned on with you and she feels your cock as you keep lying down on your cot. Her blowjob scenes don’t get any reaction from me. I don’t know why, but unfortunately, her treatment of the penis and the use of her lips do not seem too erotic to me. Unfortunately, there are two blowjob sequences in this scene, which erodes the sexiness of the video.
Top Scenes with Ames
Her highlight is when she rides you and starts to rub her clit and pleasure herself with her pussy towards you. You can almost anticipate when she would cum and feel her cum spill over you. Her cowgirl segment was extremely sexy as she grinds her juicy pussy on your cock.

My only constructive criticism would be that it could have been more rough and dirty.

#3: GFE – August Ames

Now things are starting to get a bit more exciting. This is the real stuff from this scene onwards. The GirlFriend Experience from WankzVR is one of my favorite August Ames videos. The scene shows how your girlfriend is a bit horny and really wants to cum all over your cock.
To get you into the mood, she changes into a beautiful two-piece lingerie. As she speaks to you in a low, husky tone to get you into the mood, you look down on this beautiful Canadian angel. In this video, it is very easy to connect with August. The setting was well-laid. Her body is showed off in all its magnificence.
What steals the show is her expressions and the way she moves and writhes her body on you. The camera angles are pretty well placed. It highlights her sexy tight body and her seductive moans and howls are the cherries on top. She places herself really close to your face and slathers her spit all over her pussy as she rubs herself for you.
The cowgirl exhibits really how horny she was ????. She moves and grinds her pussy with your groin, until she cums in exertion. It comes together pretty well. The only thing was, that all this has been seen before. As a result, there isn’t any special novelty or suspense to the plot.

#1: For Him – Virtual Sexology VR Sex Education

Virtual Sexology with August Ames
The Virtual Sexology scene from BaDoinkVR is very entertaining and extremely sexy. The scene basically helps you to understand how you can perform well in the bedroom and the inner workings of your body.
It’s very strange that I can laugh and get an erection from the same scene. There is a voice-over that creates a narrative throughout the video. The female voice would explain what is about to happen and August will perform it with you. There is a really nice foreplay, which I feel is a must for a nice sex scene.
Virtual Sexology Kiiroo
In addition, the fuck is not rough and is rather slow and intense. August slowly seduces you with a blowjob and then even gets you off in a Kiiroo Onyx. She describes who it feels to jack you off. Next, she would fuck you lying down, in a doggy and in a cowgirl. Her cowgirl and doggy positions really hit it off for me.
Her expressions throughout the video are extremely sexy and kinky. This is by far, my best VR scene from August Ames.


August Ames is one the best porn models out there right now. Her scenes are very erotic, which is basically due to that hot bod and her sensuous expressions.
There were a few more VR scenes including, Dirty Martini, Sexual Healing, Lights, Camera, Action! and Cumming Full Circle, but they didn’t make the cut because they were nowhere near the requisite ‘hotness’!
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