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Best Gina Gerson VR Porn Scenes

Gina Gerson is a VR porn veteran. She has one of the highest number of VR porn performances and counts superstars such as Anissa Kate among her rivals. Today, we take a look at her best virtual reality porn scenes and what makes her such a hot property.

I’ll judge the videos based on plot, camera angles, realism, positions, the chemistry between the performers, and the level of acting displayed.

#5: How I Met Misha: Ep 8 – Hardcore Threesome Finale

virtualrealporn How I Met Misha

FFM threesome scene from VirtualRealPorn (➜ Review). Nice sensuous kissing and fondling between Misha Cross and Gina Gerson. Porto De Bilbao has a fat cock, by the way, and seemed to test Gina’s capacity as she sucked on him. The sexy interplay between Misha and Gina. Gina has a hard time getting the thick cock in her pussy. The dirty talk from Gina seems organic and spur-of-the-moment thing. She really seemed to enjoy the ride.

While this goes on, Misha gets a nice licking when she gets drilled by Porto. Overall a pretty hot and sexy scene, but due to lack of anything worthy of a true ‘finale’ and kind of repetitive content, this scene, though hot, features in the 5th position on this ranking.

#4: The Baby-Sitter’s Cunt – Gina Gerson is The Hottest Teen Babysitter in Town

badoinkvr The Baby-Sitter’s Cunt

Today, we have a slutty babysitter amongst us. Haven’t we all wanted that big babysitter who can go that extra length to meet all your requirements? Well, that's exactly what BaDoinkVR (➜ Review) will give you. Gina Gerson serves as this petite hot bodied teen that just want to undress and fuck till the night’s end.

The Russian accent adds its own novelty touch as well. The blowjob and foreplay are really hot. You can almost feel her lips around your cock. For a minute there, I thought I was in one of Kiiroo’s interactive sex toys.

After the blowjob, she lets you finger her while she screams in ecstasy and jerks you off. Man, that’s one tight juicy pussy. Her cowgirl fuck will make her shiver in ecstasy while she moans and groans in Russian. All she wants is more. One of Gina’s best scenes so far. The reverse cowgirl doesn’t let off either. So, head on to ➜ BaDoinkVR and experience your kinky babysitter fantasy today.

#3: How I Met Misha – Ep. 4 – Jealous Russian Lover

VirturalRealPorn how i met misha ep4 gina gerson

This is a nice little threesome from Virtual Real Porn’s How I Met Misha series. Gina supposedly has still not been successful in convincing Misha. Frankly, given the number of episodes these two girls have fucked, I’m pretty amazed how Misha is still unconvinced. Thankfully, though, this time, they are joined by Misha’s new boyfriend, Porto Del Bilbao.

There’s a lot of hot, sensual kissing. I guess that’s to be expected, given a FFM scene. The chemistry between Misha and Gina is palpable. In fact, given I have watched all the episodes, the dynamic between these two girls might suggest that their affair extends to off-screen as well.

There are some really hot masturbation sequences between the two girls. Things get even hotter when they decide to join forces and fuck Misha’s boyfriend. However, since the plot continues to become somewhat repetitive without new elements, it manages only a 3rd place on our countdown.

#2: How I Met Misha Ep. 7 – Hardcore Lesbian Babe Gina Gerson

virtualrealporn How I Met Misha Ep. 7 gina gerson

In this episode, we have a nice plot setup. Gina is hell-bent on convincing Misha that she really loves her and wants her to get together. Misha, on the other hand, is on the fence since she is already committed to her boyfriend. However, her defenses do not last longer as Gina caresses her hair and her tits.

There’s a strange innocence about Gina. Her accent helps establish her character as well. She convinces Misha that she really still feels for her and starts to kiss her. Soon, Misha gives in. There are sections where we can actually see Gina direct Misha to take particular positions, which she complies and it kind of exhibits how close she is to the performance. Even though these can tend to seem amateurish, they add to the authenticity and seem less scripted.

There’s an absolutely stunning face-sitting with Gina fucking Misha with her tongue. Gina sucks and licks Misha’s hot cunt until she cums. She doesn’t forget to give that round ass a bit of spanking, either. These two petite sluts really know how to turn on the temperature. The way Gina instructs Misha to push the dildo a bit more or how she asks Misha to sit on her face is really cute and sexy. It really makes for some great porn! It's a very erotic lesbian scene.

#1: Your Neighbors And You – 3 Horny Chicks Want Your Dick

virtualrealporn Your Neighbors And You gina gerson

Fucking your neighbors is hot, especially when they are Gina Gerson, Jasmine Webb, and Kiara Lord. The video starts out with a sensual intrusion from your new neighbors. It seems they have been keeping an eye out for you.

Even though the ranking is for Gina’s best virtual reality sex scenes, I have to admit that Jasmine is the star of this show. Jasmine starts off with some really slutty and hot seductive conversation. They decided to give you a ‘really’ good morning today. The dirty talk is really dirty and, in some places, quite funny as well, which wasn’t quite as distracting as I would have expected. Gina and Jasmine soon start off on their own session with a steamy kiss.

Jasmine, on the other hand, decides it’s time for you to see some tits. This group orgy is the hottest and most erotic scene with Gina Gerson. A really cool feature that helps make it so hot is the long foreplay. Thanks to the 3 girls, the foreplay is really hot, which adds to the sexual tension.

Gina is gem in her own sense. Her reactions her genuine and she gets really involved in the scene. In no way to me, did her reactions seem rigged or scripted. Her chemistry with Jasmine is quite tantalizing.

In addition, there are a lot of sequences where, if one of the models is in a cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, the other two would stand over the camera and finger or feel each other up. This particular shot is very erotic. Without ruining the rest for you, go on to Virtual Real Porn and watch Gina Gerson’s best VR porn scene to date.

Conclusion: Gina Gerson

Due to her naivete and freshness, she brings an ‘X’ factor to any scene she participates in. However, her chemistry is seen to flare up in lesbian and orgy videos. But even if it does, we are not ones to complain.

As long as it’s hot and erotic, we’ll take up anything. Let us know what you thought of her VR porn videos in the comments section below.

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