Kiiroo Onyx 2 2023 Review

This is a review of the Onyx 2, which now has a brand new version – NEW Kiiroo Onyx+ (-> Read our full review)

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When we reviewed the Onyx 2 , we were eager to know what Kiiroo could come up with next. For one, the first Onyx 2 had already made some waves, but it had a few defects. It was time for something better!

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The Onyx 2 Review

The Specifications

  • Materials: High-grade polymer and silicone for the SuperSkin
  • Dimensions: 26 x 8.5 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 845 g
  • Power supply: Internal battery, rechargeable using USB cable (comes with the package)
  • Charging time: 4 – 6 hours
  • Battery life: 1 hour

The Box

  • The Kiiroo Onyx 2
  • A USB charging cable
  • A sample packet of water-based lube
  • A protective end cap for the opening of the toy
  • A simple instruction manual (in multiple languages)
  • A warranty registration card
onyx 2 teledildonics

The Design

The Onyx 2 comes in a similar packaging as the Onyx. It’s designed beautifully and looks more like an Alexa than a sex toy. There are touch sensitive buttons on the face of the device which help you increase or decrease the frequency of the contractions. Below that, there’s a power button to switch on and off. At the bottom of the device, is a USB port, neatly tucked away behind a rubber slit. The top of the device has a cap which opens up to the sleeve or the SuperSkin. Unlike a few other devices, it has a flat bottom which means it can rest upright and weighs less than the Stroker, for easier use. The whole thing comes in the shiny black casing.

Main features of the Onyx 2

The Onyx 2 costs about $220. While, it’s not cheap for a sex toy, it’s still a great deal considering the job it does. In addition to that, it syncs with the Stroker Launch and Kiiroo Pearl. What that means is, if you like the controlled sophistication of the Launch, you can use your Onyx with the device. For the Pearl, it’s more like his and her towel. The Onyx is for the guy and the Pearl is for the girl.

feelme platform for interactive porn
If your girlfriend or wife is away from you and you want to enjoy the intimacy of being together, she’ll be using the Kiiroo Pearl while you will be using the Onyx. Irrespective of distance, the two work together seamlessly. The Onyx will capture the movements of the muscle from the Pearl and relay that back to your penis. Basically, mimicking any action that takes place on the Pearl. That way, you can now, get a blowjob, handjob or even have sex with your girlfriend, even if she’s far away from you.

For those who are single, fear not. There’s many great VR and non-VR porn content out there which is compatible with the Onyx. For example, you can use the FeelMe platform which syncs up with the Onyx to give the same sensation when your favorite pornstar is sucking dick or taking a drilling in her asshole. Moreover, the FeelMe platform has videos from WankzVR (if you’re into VR), NaughtyAmerica, Wicked, MilfVR and Badoink among many others. There are also options for Gay and Transsexual porn if you like that.

onyx 2 contracting rings
The process of syncing with FeelMe is simple.

  • You have to visit the website and register yourself.
  • Then, download the Feel Connect app from the Play Store and sync with your Onyx 2 device using Bluetooth.
  • Once that’s done, scan the QR code on the website and now you’re synced on all three platforms.

Now, you can browse through the videos, choose whichever you like and enjoy your Onyx.

If you haven’t operated a device like this before, here’s how you do it.

  • Once it arrives, set it to charge. It takes about 4-6 hours to be fully charged.
  • Then, disconnect the USB port and switch it on.
  • Now that you’re connected to the FeelMe platform, choose a video and start viewing. Or if you just want to jack off to some other videos, that’s fine as well.
  • Apply plenty of lube (preferably water-based) inside the Onyx. Do not do it without the lube. It’s going to be painful as hell.
  • Insert your penis and let it do its job. If it’s not connected to any video, you can regulate the speed using the touch-sensitive keys (+ and – signs).
This device is much more powerful than the last one and more discreet too. It gives about 140 strokes per minute (which is about 2.5 strokes per second) at its highest point. The runtime on it is currently 1 hour. But I doubt, anybody can stand up to its intense pressure for that long. Another great feature is the weight. Since it’s quite light, you can set it on your lap and let it do its job, without worry about the constant weight on your thighs.
It works using 10 contracting inner rings. Unlike the Launch, it does not have a vertical movement. Well, it kind of does, but it does not actually move. The rings contract and expand giving the sensation of pressure and vertical movement on your throbbing member.
onyx 2 contracting gif

One of the few critics of the Onyx would be that it does not come with any preservation power or carrying case. The Stroker usually comes with a preservation power which helps you maintain this solid piece of machinery, but the Onyx does not. Similarly, there’s no carrying case, so you’ll have to think of how you can carry this when you’re on the move.


With that being said, the Onyx is an amazing piece of machinery powered by an awesome motor, using contracting rings as its basis. The fact that it works with the Stroker, is VR compatible and syncs for a real-time sex session, is more than many can claim. The build is solid and the experience is really great. About time, you bought an Onyx 2!




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