VR Sex Toys: The Lovense Max Masturbator

The Lovense Max Masturbator is still among the best in our -> VR Sex toys ranking. So it’s about time we give this tool the in-depth look that it deserves!

The Lovense Max – basic features

The Lovense Max is a motorized, partly automated fleshlight. We start with the essential part, the fleshlight. As I stated multiple times now, fleshlights are awesome these days! Just like VR porn manages to bring the babes into our room, a good fleshlight brings her pussy as well.

Control contraction and vibration

The Lovesense Max comes with a smooth and generously textured fleshlight that feels incredibly real and tight. The suction pump, our next essential feature, controls the size of two inlays on the sides of the fleshlight. The principle is suck-and-release; hence the pads inflate and shrink for additional stimulation. The stimulus works both ways, not only when you enter the fleshlight!

The Lovense Max will finally be your perfectly tight fleshlight!

The built in vibrator is a nice gimmick, especially for us VR porn lovers. Lean back and relax, because it’s time to be spoiled by VR porn! The Lovense Max vibrator and semiautomatic fleshlight stimulate your junk with only a tiny bit of hand movement. If used slowly, this tool allows you to enjoy one of the greatest VR porn experiences you ever had. Every speed “setting” that you are using feels different.

I always thought that the device feels matured. Recently, I discovered that the Lovense Max I bought in 2016 is already Version 4.0 and you just feel that. Every little part is designed to its very detail, e.g. to recharge the device, you just need to plug the magnetic cable to the top. I don’t know about other improvements, but I have nothing to complain about.

The Lovense Max is an electric sex toy that feels complete. That’s rare!

sync contactions vibrations


The Lovense Max can also be coupled to another device, the Lovense Nora. Nora is the female counterpart, similar to the KIIROO Onyx 2. This feature is nice if you are in a long distance relationship the feature to sync with VR porn, like the KIIROO Launch. At this point, the ability to sync with the smartphone via Bluetooth is much more attractive.

pleasuring yourself

Like you can see in the app interface, we can control the essential features of the Lovense Max in a very simple manner. The control can also happen in real time, so if you are used to this device, you can switch to match the current scene you are watching. I use the HTC Vive to watch VR porn, so my phone is free to act as a remote. If you use a Cardboard-like setup, you will need a tablet or a second phone if you want to interact live.

If you are still with me, you will be rewarded right now: as I mentioned above, the Lovense Max can already synchronize with -> XXX VR content. Currently, Lovense is in a contract with VirtualRealPorn, a website I can recommend anyways. So just dive in and enjoy a new level of VR porn. The pulsation and the vibration of the Lovense max automatically adjust to the actual scene. It works, and it works well.

My intern compatible

How to use Lovense Max Masturbator

Connecting the toy to your phone/computer or to your girlfriends Nora device is rather easy. Lovense offers a simple step by step guide that helps any user understand the basic functions of the device and quickly get to use it to its fullest potential.

The guide comes together with some cleaning tips – essential for anyone who never used toys before. I recommend you watch it before using the toy.
For further details, you can chek out their user manual that’s available on the website.

How to use Lovense on Cam

The Lovense Max can also be used as a toy that reacts to tips from viewers by cam models. Configuring it is really easy considering the fact that Lovense offers a Cam App Bundle made by them for this purpose only – thumbs up for that!

Once you downloaded and installed the apps, all you need to do is to follow their setup guide and you’re ready to go.

What to expect

I was always a fan of fleshlights, and I’m hyper excited to follow the development of this “technology.” With the Lovense Max being an easy to use motorized version, I was super psyched. Therefore I want to tell you what you can expect from the device. I am the proud owner of quite a collection of VR porn sex toys.

I use a lot of sex toys when I enjoy VR porn. Don’t judge me if you haven’t tried it!

When I decide whether I use a device together with my VR porn (2 out of 3 times), I usually grab something to start strong and to end softly. And the Lovense Max happens to be a strong stimulator. Since I got it, I use it about once every two weeks which is a lot compared to the other toys.

sync contactions vibrations
The synchronization with VR porn makes it even better! So what can you expect? Most importantly, a tight fleshlight. Secondary, a good feeling in both directions. And lastly, a toy that can follow the content of VR porn movies, how cool is that?
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