Let’s Play with Nanai – VR Girlfriend Porn Game

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Quick and Easy: Is Nanai worth it?


  • Good graphics
  • Sensual character rendering
  • Cute Girl
  • Great Interaction


  • Could use more content

Graphics of Let’s play with Nanai

The key feature of this game is simulation and its ability to provide a synchronized experience with a sex doll – but now only by using a VR controller. Their first released version worked with just a smartphone, but they don’t support that anymore.

However, the graphics work isn’t really the best. The level of detail in the game is somewhat average. The game developers need to work on providing a realistic immersion experience by improving the graphics and using Unreal Engine 4 might help them. As of now, I’ll rate the graphics 4/5.


The erotica level on the game is entirely driven by the plot and synchronized experience that the game can deliver.

Try thinking of it in this way. You this cute anime girlfriend that won’t pester you, is sweet and cute and you get to fuck her for the first time. Depending on your preference, you can either be gentle or hardcore.

No matter what your sexual desires are, Nanai is there to fulfill them. Additionally, there’s really great interaction with the character, which further forces the immersion.

These might not work for you if you’re not a big fan of the anime/japanese style, though. So it’s more like a niche porn game that probably doesn’t turn you on if you’ve never dreamed of fucking a gorgeus anime doll.

For eroticism, I’ll rate Nanai 4/5.

 Content of Nanai

The girl looks like arisen from a manga in the form of VR Hentai. She looks at you like a shy teenage schoolgirl. Designed for your VR porn experience, you need a VR Headset and a controller. “Let’s Play With Nanai” was developed to make use of a sex doll for virtual sex.

Sadly, there’s not much to do in the game other than have sex with her or interact with her naked or half naked body in a few ways. Not many sex positions to choose from either, or outfits whatsoever.

Also, Nanai is the only model in the game – some might not like this, but considering that the main idea is having a virtual girlfriend that you can interact with trough a real sex doll, the sole presence of Nanai should satisfy anyone who wants just that. For content, I’ll rate this game 3.5/5.

How does the syncronization work?

The basic idea behind the sync is that you can lay a controller on a pillow/bed/surface of choice and get your moves registered – this makes Nanai, the in-game girl, move along with you and it contributes to immersion.

Even though the idea is quite unique, it highly depends on the surface you lay your controller on and the moves you make. Could still do if you’re looking for this especially, but if you don’t it might not necessarely convince you.

The fact that they removed smartphone support and now you can only use a controller also makes it less great, but it’s still a good feature. For interaction, I’ll rate the game 4/5.

Story: Nanai VR Girlfriend

Nanai is waiting for a fuck

Imagine a girl trying to please your desires whenever you want. Her name is Nanai, and she is horny. We all know that girls are sometimes complicated. What you are looking for is Nanai. She’s a virtual girlfriend designed for you to enjoy VR Porn with a lifelike person.

The girl does whatever you demand of her – and you probably want to fuck her. You can transform her into a girlfriend who loves to pleasure you or a sex slave that does your bidding. However, the lack of any real progression in the game stagnates the experience for any user who wants to come back to it. For the story, I’ll rate the game 4/5.

Conclusion: Let’s play with Nanai

“Let’s Play With Nanai” is designed for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The game was produced as a censored version in Japan by the indie company VRJCC. But not anymore. They just recently teamed up with ImagineVR, a developer in the US. ImagineVR decided to release the game outside Japan uncensored and in English. You can find it on Steam for 33.99 – that’s roughly $37.5.

The game still brings something new in the industry and we all hope they keep updating the system and adding new things to help with the doll interaction. The updates stopped coming so often lately but maybe they’re preparing something big – good enough for the price they’re asking.

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