Romi Rain is one of the hottest pornstars around, but she is a comparatively novice when it comes to shooting in VR. However, she is still very hot and so I decided to do a countdown on her best VR scenes. Sadly, there’s only 6 scenes. As a result, I did a review of all of them and ranked them.

I’ll be judging the videos based on plot, camera angles, realism, positions, the chemistry between the performers and the level of acting displayed.


This video is produced by HoloGirlsVR and is a sequel of Date Night scene from the GFE Collection. Romi is your girlfriend for the night and is prepared to please you in ways, you have only dreamt of. As you wait, lying naked on the bed, your date comes of in her red sexy lingerie and talks sexy to you.

She goes down on you and gives you a deep blowjob. Soon, you’ll get to see and experience her juicy hole as she climbs up on you and takes a reverse cowgirl position. Similar to many other porn series, the GFE collection lost is touch when it did away with spending enough time to build a plot.

Ms. Rain is sexy in any and every avatar and scene. But that alone doesn’t cut it for most of us. At least for me, I would need a little something to build up the chemistry and relation with the character before mechanically jerking off. On another note, Romi’s reverse cowgirl is again one of the highlights of the scene.

#5: My First Sex Teacher – Hardcore Classroom Fuck with Romi Rain

This is an extension of NaughtyAmerica’s non-VR series – My First Sex Teacher. Ms. Romi has noticed that you have been acting a bit weird and has detained you after class. It turns out you were shy about women and you are about to get a personal lesson from the teacher.

Before I talk about any of the positions, the dirty talk in this scene is pretty good. And sometimes, funny too, if you enjoy that in a porn video. The plot is pretty worn-out and has been done to death.

Since there is no novelty in the story and there’s very minimal build-up to the hardcore scenes, the level of erotica in the scene is very limited and as a result, is nowhere as good as it could have been. The sex scenes on the floor are pretty sexy, while the standing fuck from behind with support of the table is quite good as well. Other than this, there are no standout points of the scene.

#4: PornStar Experience – ROMI RAIN

NaughtyAmericaVR brings in another instalment to the Pornstar Experience series with Romi Rain. This video features her talking dirty to you and you get a beautiful and sexy woman all to yourself.

The video starts off with some dirty talk and then as the action starts you get a sexy tit job to start things off. For the second course, you get a sitting reverse cowgirl, while she works hard on your cock. Best of all, you get to see her large tits and busty ass super close to your lips.

The reverse cowgirl on the floor has her gyrating her hips to your cock and giving it a good old pussy massage. You get to view the beautiful crevasses of her ass, as she works her to make you cum? Won’t you cum?

The absence of getting a solid plot in place, has been one of the major downfalls of the PSE series and the same continues here. Even with a performer like Ms. Rain, the video doesn’t top Romi’s best virtual reality sex scenes list.


This is the first Date Night scene part of the GFE collection. This is a special video, since it is a masturbation only video. Even though, this is a masturabtion only video, it still is amazingly sexy. Sex scene in the bath tub and Romi Rain naked and wet are really dangerous combinations. The scene starts of as your girlfriend makes a special video of pleasuring herself as a gift to you.

Her large, juicy tits with water drooling around the nipples makes for an exquisite picture. She starts off with fucking herself with a dildo. The camera is placed a bit far for my liking in this position it could have been placed to see her expressions and assets closer.

In the later segments, she continues to talk dirty and fondle herself until she makes herself cum. A definitely erotic video.


This is video is a production from MilfVR. MilfVR falls under the group of websites owned and operated by the people behind WankzVR. The plot is based on the premise that you have been asked to submit a report to your boss during the weekend. To your amazement, your boss Romi Rain has found out new ways of motivating you and to ‘keep you going’. She puts on a negligee lingerie and waits for you to drop your report.

Romi Rain is one of the sexiest pornstars today. She downright has one of the hottest bodies and a very pretty face. The sitting reverse cowgirl and cowgirl positions are extremely sexy. Add to that the continuous dirty talk from Romi and best of all, the talk is plot related –  something that is rarely found in porn nowadays. Once the fucking starts, the performers seems to forget, they are still part of a scene.

The reverse cowgirl highlights Romi’s exquisite ass as its jumps up and down your cock and she continues her dirty talk. This video is downright sexy. Period!


I was pretty excited for this scene. The scene is produced by BaDoinkVR and going by the teasers, I was really excited after seeing Romi in this golden lingerie. As the title of the video suggests, you are in for a birthday treat. Your girlfriend has prepared a delicious, juicy and lavish feast for you. She even got you a stripper pole, so that she could entertain you.

The intro to the video is extremely sexy as Romi’s assets ooze out of her tight lingerie. She moves and jiggles her tits in the skimpy dress and then decides that you deserve a nice sloppy blowjob.

Soon, you get to be the lucky entrant to Romi’s hole of pleasure. She takes one leg over the backrest of the couch and grinds her pussy against your rock-hard dick. The reverse cowgirl, sitting cowgirl and most other scenes that focus on her ass are the highlight. One of the best Romi Rain scenes.


In conclusion, Ms. Rain’s seems most comfortable and erotic when framed from behind. In contrast, scenes which are shot from the front, do not translate that well. In addition, it must also be considered that none of the scene has any palpable plot.

Even in such circumstances, she manages to create a truly magical scene in the Birthday Sex. Head on to BadoinkVR for more scenes and a flat 60% off if you use the above button.