The Launch has been discontinued but the successor is out: The -> Kiiroo KEON

The KIIROO Launch is huge. A huge step, for every single one of us. But first, let’s take a step back: Only one month ago, the KIIROO Onyx was featured as the first sex toy that synchronizes with VR porn! This device is a motorized fleshlight that gives you never experienced pleasures.

The KIIROO Onyx feels different than sex and different than any other device. Still, it feels extremely good!


However, as the toy was originally meant to be used together with the female counterpart, the KIIROO Pearl, there were restrictions. The Pearl is a dildo-like sex toy that is touch sensible. A touch on the Pearl would generate a vibration in the similar location of your Onyx.


Adult webcam services that use the Pearl made live interaction over the internet possible. Still, synchronized VR porn had to be produced primarily for the Onyx, and BaDoinkVR was the only publisher of this content. The few videos available were still amazing to enjoy. You feel her every movement! Whether she is riding slowly, or you pump her fast from beyond, the Onyx keeps the pace. And the best part: it is super relaxing! VR porn was, at least for me, something that I looked forward to the whole day. Now with the Onyx, this feeling is present more than ever, and I want it to take so much more time than it used to take. Therefore, the Onyx deservedly takes the number spot in our top list of the best VR porn sex toys!

The KIIROO Launch

For what does launch stand for in the title? And, why the hell, is it huge for us? I will give you a hint: the KIIROO Launch is “backward compatible” with the Onyx and the Pearl. Yep, the successor is here already!

Whole Pack

Lock.Lube.Lift off.

The KIIROO Launch is available since this week. Like the Onyx, it is a fully automized male masturbator that connects your fleshlight to the interactive world. 

There are two operating modes of the KIIROO Fleshlight Launch: Manual and Interactive. Don’t mistake manual with by hand. In manual mode, the KIIROO Launch will be able to stroke your favorite body part with up to 180 strokes per minute. This means 3 per second! In interactive mode, the Fleshlight Launch will connect to interactive content hosted by partners of KIIROO. Now you can experience a synchronized and real experience without any restrictions! The platform FeelMe provides a premium portfolio of porn brands, webcam shows, and adult VR games (stay tuned for reviews!). Secondary content providers will join soon, I personally hope for BaDoinkVR to join the party!
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How does it work?

The KIIROO Fleshlight Launch works totally different than the KIIROO Onyx. The latter is stroking your chunk in a lamellar manner. I personally like the feeling, however, it is quite different to the regular fleshlight. The Fleshlight Launch is an automated fleshlight, meaning that you can insert any available fleshlight into it! Choose your favorites pornstars pussy and you are good to go.

Jessica Drakes pussy
The feeling of the Fleshlight Launch will be amazing as I personally enjoy fleshlights the most amongst all available VR sex toys. Especially the modern quality of fleshlights gives them great textures and authentic feelings. Therefore, I can’t wait to add the KIIROO Fleshlight Launch to my repertoire of VR porn sex toys. I believe that this is what we have all been waiting for, the ultimate immersion. A huge step! With this tool, you will literally lift off!
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