Let me guess: of 10 men, you are one of nine that have never used male sex toys! It’s a rarity, and just like you, humankind believes that they don’t need sex toys. We got our hands, right? Compared to the female “arsenal” of available tool and gadgets, I think this is not fair! There are tons of things to fill her hole(s): pearls, anal balls, plugs, vibrators and of course thousands of dildos. But wait… I forgot something: she can use her hands just like we can. With this being said, I hope you agree that we have the same right to use sex toys, especially if we are on our own.
Main sleeve

The Fleshlight

If you still feel insecure, I like to present to you: the Fleshlight! It’s the counterpart to the dildo and therefore is the most basic sex toy available. If you consider getting a VR sex toy, the fleshlight has to be your first purchase. A fleshlight feels great, and I cannot express this more: the modern fleshlights can easily compete with the real pussy! A lot of science (yep, sex toys and military drive technology!) was put into the material and textures of the fleshlights to make them realistic. I enjoy the fleshlights that have textures that do not feel natural but more exciting. One example is the Vortex:

Vortex inside


The fleshlight has multiple advantages over the other VR sex toys that we presented you with our top list. My favorite: the convenience. If you want a quickie with your beloved porn actress, choose your desired VR porn movie and follow these three steps: 1. get comfortable 2. lubricate your fleshlight, and 3. mount the fleshlight onto your chunk. Done! That’s all you have to do. Therefore, I find myself grabbing one of my fleshlights (yes, I have quite a lot of them) most of the times when I enjoy VR porn.

Another advantage is the noise. A fleshlight is almost soundless. If you live in a flat share, you should be aware that toys like the KIIROO Onyx are noise emitting. Even the great electrical fleshlights that sync with VR porn (e.g. the Lovense Max) could be heard through a door or a thin wall. In the end, you have to be careful not to moan loudly while using the fleshlight. A habit that I cannot disable.
Launch spreading legs

We already scratched the topic of motorized fleshlights. Another advantage of the fleshlight is it’s compatibility to e.g. the KIIROO Launch. In a way, to own a fleshlight will save you some money, because I believe that every VR porn lover will get himself a motorized fleshlight sooner or later. By the way, stay tuned for our KIIROO Launch review as soon as the article is in stock again.

The best texture

Jessica Drakes pussy
Since there are a LOT of different fleshlights available on the market, you can choose between a lot of different textures. In the end, you have to pick the one that you like best because every penis is different. However, I can advise you to try my favorite three fleshlights: 1. the Heavenly. This is a piece of art! For every depth segment, you experience a different feeling.
heavenly inside

2. the Vortex, definitely designed for the strongest stimulation yet! And 3. the super ribbed, a simple but great texture for intense pleasure. Additionally, you can also choose the shape of the pussy. This feature is not necessary for VR porn since you see it in 3D, but anyways, I am addicted to Jessica Drake so that I will recommend her a second time here. Her pussy is just amazingly beautiful!

On a side note, the exist fleshlights for every orifice, as well as special ones like a virgin fleshlight or even an alien pussy.

Alien Avatar

Fuck a hot alien? Awesome! If it doesn’t eat my testicles after we are done.


The modern fleshlight is a great, convenient and cheap way to enter the world of VR porn sex toys. You don’t have to choose wisely amongst all available fleshlights because you can’t go wrong. However, I recommend you to start working on a small collection to experience new sensations. Are you into tight anal scenes or watching a porn movie with different girls? If you have more than one fleshlight, you can start to mix them up during a VR porn video. Don’t use your imagination – sense it!