DR. Deviant Game Review – VR Fetish Porn Simulator!

Dr. Deviant is here to satisfy your deep, kinky needs. It shows great potential and the freedom it offers together with the special, unique atmosphere (you know, like a real game) that it has makes it worth trying in VR!

Quick and Easy: Is Dr Deviant worth it?


  • Good graphics
  • Great concept
  • New updates fairly often
  • Total in-game freedom
  • Very well made female characters


  • VR Controls need some improvement
  • Game still in development, many features are still bad
  • No story


Dr Deviant is a VR game that will surpise you more than you imagine with the attention to detail and interactivity achievable within.

There are more and more -> VR Porn Games out there, many of them trying to achieve the same thing but be better than the competition, others aiming to please a targeted public and to create something new, different and very specific. Most of the games come from studios, but a lot of them appear from the initiative of a few people, as some small projects sponsored on Patreon or other similar platforms.

Dr Deviant is in the last category in both cases – a game that wants to please a specific public that you can only have access to if you choose to donate to the developers beforehand. Let’s see what this game is about!

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 9

Content – The best Fetish VR Game?

“There is no objective, no story and no recorded animations. You are Dr Deviant himself in his own sinister hospital with one, two or three women”

The game does only the thing it aims to do – it’s a simulator that lets you enjoy three sexy girls who would do anything you want them to.
There are three rooms available, all within the same and only space that you can play in, a hospital hallway with two doors that lead to the other smaller rooms.
There’s no story, the game just wants to be a sandbox that helps you make your twisted wishes become real.

3dxchat beach environment

The main room has just a few objects in it and it’s rather small. There’s a table with some instruments you can pick up with your controllers and use on the girls, a hospital bed, a mirror (if you want to see yourself being evil even though you’re some… weird old man) and a bunch of blank cubes that can be picked and positioned anywhere, and the girls’ body snaps to them – they are meant to be instruments that help you position the girls just as you wish. Pretty clever.

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 10

The other two rooms have no special purpose. It’s just extra space for you to use when playing with the girls.
A new and interesting thing they added is the balance feature. If you push/hit the girls they don’t just fall or don’t move at all, they actually try to balance, just like a real person would do. It’s a very nice touch added to the game. Feels fun to push chicks around while you beat them with a dildo.
So there’s nothing much in terms of content in this game – no story, no dialogue, not much else to do except… sexually exploiting these three girls.

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Is there enough interaction in Dr Deviant?

You need controllers to interact with anything in this game. As it’s made to be compatible with -> HTC Vive and -> Oculus Rift, you need their specific controllers to be able to play.

Can you play Dr Deviant with no controllers?

For now, there’s no way you can interact with the game in VR without controllers unless you stream content from your PC to your -> Vive or -> Oculus and use a mouse and keyboard to play.

Best hardcore fetish VR game?

The game aims to be your personal little twisted world where you can basically do anything to three sexy models with no consequences. It also aims to be the first game where the characters react differently depending on what you do to them.

3dxchat orgasm

Picture this, she’s all happy and smiling because you’re touching her tits gently and playfully and a second later, after you surprize-taze her, she looks absolutely terrified and has a huge grimace on her face. She even screams accordingly.

This should satisfy your maniac-torturer passion to a way greater extent. It’s one thing to interact (or torture) with what it’s usually a doll that just sits there, and another (greater) thing to interact with a game model that reacts to your input. Especially if it’s torture. It makes you feel mean. But don’t worry, they like it. They really do. Or do they?

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 12

The game works on the idea that you can have the girl anywhere, in almost any physically possible position. You can achieve this by picking them up, going wherever you wish and then moving their body parts one by one until you achieve the desired position.
The main room has that set of blank white cubes on the wall that don’t obey the rules of physics. They can be placed anywhere without falling, and the girl’s body parts can clip to them, helping you achieve any desired position.

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 13

The developers just added the facial expression features but they will work on them and add more with time, as they officially announced. They’re trying to add gestures, sounds and voice clips to make the gameplay more and more realistic.

How good are the Graphics of Dr Deviant?

When the game loads, you are presented with three sexy girls in a room that looks like a hospital hall. The colors are not too bright, but the graphics are good and detailed. At least from a distance. The three cuties definitely look like they’re gonna obey to you.
Because the game is still in development, the way the characters move tends to look a bit goofy at times.

The walking itself is in a very early stage and looks very odd. Gives you the impression the girls are on drugs or something. But they are working on it, and hey, you’re not here for a walk in the park.

3dxchat realistic graphics

The objects you are supposed to use and both rooms are textured to have a creepy hospital vibe, and they do it very well – it’s not too much so it doesn’t kill the mood but still does the job. You’re still a creepy man who sexually exploits girls in a hospital.

The sexual interactions, in terms of graphics, looks fairly decent. Their mouths, for example, stretch and open in a natural looking way. There are moments where clipping appears when there are genitals or weird, twisty positions involved, but that’s somewhat normal due to the nature of the game. There are games with greater budgets out there that still can’t do it well enough.

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 14

The girls look really sexy – some of my favourites in any game. They have expressive faces and nice body and hair physics. And yes, their tits bounce whether you touch them with your hand or any instrument available. And they bounce nicely!

They don’t go in huge detail with the skin and genital textures, but the level the game pulls off it’s just fine for the moment, nothing to bother you too much especially considering the overall theme.

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 15

Is Dr Deviant an Erotic game?

The girls are clearly sexy and if the developers keep the good work going there might be other models added into the game in the future. There’s a third girl that’s going through tests and it looks promising. Diversity might be a good thing here, but so far three girls it’s not much to pick from even though they look different indeed.

This game can’t be considered erotic or sexy unless you want to play something like it in the first place. But why would you want it otherwise anyway? For anyone who wants to control a girl head to toe while hitting her breasts with a whip or stretching her ass with a dildo, all this with her being upside-down sucking your dick, this game might be erotic too.

DR. Deviant Game Review - VR Fetish Porn Simulator! 16

There’s a thing that cuts a bit out of it for me, though – the fact that I’m basically an old ugly man. I can be a doctor and a lunatic at the same time while I’m 35, there’s no need for me to be old and creepy.

Not a specifically erotic game overall, but considering it doesn’t aim to do this itself it can get pretty hot and exciting for someone who is into BDSM, torture and domination.

Is there a story in Dr Deviant?

No story elements for now, as the game aims to do something different. The only story element you get is the situation you’re in, the fact that you’re this fucked up doctor who has three girls under his control and has literally no morals.

You’re in this situation, and you’re free to do anything you wish, and that’s about it. Everything else is a pure sandbox, physics-based simulation. If you’re looking for a pure story-based porn game, you might want to look into XStoryPlayer (-> Review).


Dr Deviant is an unique game that adresses itself to a specific public. The developers constantly work on improving it and they keep their fans updated with every change they made or they’re planning to make. It looks fairly decent, although there’s clearly room for improvement. It’s still unfinished so we can’t talk about a proper, proper game but the concept is great and there will be more games like it in the future – unless this one turns out to be the best of them.

The game is available for downloading on SubscriberStar Adult for just $3, a price worth considering if you want to try something new and help with its development at the same time.

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