What do nearly all porn games nowadays have in common? What is the special ingredient towards the perfect sex simulation? The answer is very simple: the creation of the girl of your dreams – otherwise, you wouldn’t need those games. Like I said in previous posts, having the girlfriend experience is what we all look forward to when switching on our headsets. VRPornMania takes a look at how one of the most popular VR porn simulations Honey Select has evolved since it’s release.

I just love creating the girl of my dreams – my perfect girlfriend.

Honey Select – Mods and Setup

The creator of VR Kanojo also has another game in his repertoire – Honey Select. The company behind these games is Illusion from Japan. And yes, Japan means it’s censored and in the case of Honey Select, is completely in Japanese. But don’t you worry, there is an English mod and also one for the uncensor. I don’t get why they released VR Kanojo outside Japan with a decent translation but not Honey Select. Installing the mods might be inconvenient, but another problem is the availability of the game. Honey Select is not available outside of Japan and can’t even be bought for money – except on eBay for a horrendous 90 bucks. But you’re all smart people and can figure out a way to lay your hands on the game.

Dead or alive

All the modders for the Honey Select are clearly a blessing – without them, playing the game would be impossible. The translation and uncensor mod you can get from here is just worth a mint (if your setup isn’t that great forget the EMF 4k patch and stay with the MF patch). You need the VR patch from Eusth as well. Both mods are completely free and still in development!

Creating a Character

In the main menu, you start out by “creating” a character. Similar to VR Titties you can tweak nearly every aspect of her body and dress her in many clothes. Also – if unlocked – you can give her a distinctive personality, mentality or sexual features like a sensitive butt which lets her enjoy anal positions more. In the making, it felt more like a 3D program where I was creating a model adding strands of hair and placing them on her head. With the right amount of time, you can create every anime girl ever. Alternatively, you can just download a girl from the many creators online.

Character Maker

Do you remember the release of Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball? It was like the first hentai game (it was no beach volleyball) I ever possessed – which is why I searched for a DoA character mod and started the game.

Roomscale VR Porn – First Impression

“Well, it seems that you are my date…” is the first line Kasumi says to me. After picking the Japanese room from the map pool, I can finally enjoy walking around the chamber, looking at every angle I wish to. The furniture and environment look realistic and fitting. Overall a bit too much HDR for my taste but very well done nonetheless. The girl, however, is just top-notch. She looks stunning; I can’t deny that. The only thing I could find that bugged me was things clipping through clothes now and then.

Kasumi sword

The primary goal of the game is to unlock new options by completing different achievements and to play with her feelings towards you. Her feelings range from being horny or loving to hatred, being a slave or even be destroyed (mind raped). All depending on your actions she likes or dislikes. Occasionally there are events like the girl needs to go to the toilet or have a shower – and yes, you can peek. And now to the interesting part: the sex positions! You can choose from caressing – like kissing or fingering – service (different handjobs) or insert sex positions. Every choice you make changes her affection towards you marked by colors on the buttons.

Helena Blonde

And now to the interesting part: the sex positions! Step one is undressing her, of course. Then you can choose from kissing, fingering, handjobs or insert sex positions. Every choice you make changes her affection towards you marked by colors on the buttons. Having an orgasm lets her like you even more. There are many positions available like standard missionary, cowboy, and many others from behind. Overall I liked her Asian moaning, which is super hot, and the animations while being fucked are well done, too.

Missionary game

In Honey Select, you move around using warping – the old teleportation trick. Different than your usual porn from WankzVR or Naughty America, roomscale VR porn lets you walk around the room. You can enjoy every perspective of the girl, that you want – overstepping the boundaries of 180° and 360° VR porn videos.

Conclusion – Honey Select

Illusion being in Japan is responsible for the major downside of the game which is their policy of not exporting or translating the game. If you know where to get Honey Select and if you’re willing to apply the mods I recommended, do it. I can recommend it because I love hentai and you do too. Secondly, the number of customizations, mods – which are still updated – and possibilities are nearly endless. If you look forward to meeting your favorite anime character in virtual reality: This is your chance to do so! Don’t be shy; she already agreed to go on a date with you…

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