Today, we bring your some of the hottest news in virtual reality this week. It’s been an eventful few months with new VR headsets being announced and the VR gaming community getting their first esports tournament. The news we have today is partly in continuation to the Nintendo Switch VR or the Labo VR Kit news we covered few days back.

There’s also a very tempting development underway for premium VR headset (Oculus Rift, PSVR and HTC Vive) users. If you thought immersion is only possible through visual resolution and movement tracking, you were sorrily mistaken. So, without further delay let’s get into it.

#2 FeelrealVR Multi-sensory VR headset sensor

Feelreal has recently released pricing plans for it’s long touted multi-sensory VR sensor for pre-existing headsets. This ‘VR mask’ as Feelreal calls it, has been in development since 2015. It was then that the tech startup was released its plan. Back then, it had started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000.

This time around, Feelreal are going the Kickstarter route again. Their campaign will be live on April 9th. Enthusiasts can pre-order the kit for only $199, instead of the $299 price tag which it will retail for. The VR mask will work as an add-on for current headsets like Oculus Rift, PSVR and HTC Vive. In order to pick up a mask for your specific headset, you’ll need to order a pre-specific version.

The mask will be clipped on to your existing headset and it will generate scents and other environmental effects to create a more immersive experience. Each kit will be accompanied by 10 ‘aroma capsules’. The range of smells include gunpowder, forest, moss, flowers and mountains. Each capsule costs $4.99. The capsules can also be customised according to specific games. A Skyrim VR headset will cost $49.99 and contain capsules for moss, flowers and French cookies. Imagine that!

#1 Nintendo brings Super Mario to VR

Last week we mentioned how Nintendo was released a basic VR kit in a DIY (do-it-yourself) model for it’s Switch. This week, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild games will be brought to their VR platform.

You’ll need to assemble and use the Labo VR kit in order to play these games. The Super Mario Odyssey will bring the Mario games to VR for the first time. It’s an iconic games which needs no introduction. The Odyssey will be available with three mini-missions. Contrastingly, The Breath of the Wild game will be available in full on VR.


The Labo VR kit will be available from April 12th. There are two versions of the kit. The basic $40 version includes the headset, a blaster accessory and a basic alien-shooting game. The $80 version includes all of these and a few more accessories.