We are back with the top stories of the week. SexBabesVR is looking for feedback and new ideas to improve their content and so if anyone has anything in particular to tell them, head over to the thread and you can put in your thoughts.

While they continue to strive forward to improve, Oculus users hit a snag this last week as they failed to start it up due to a runtime service error. It has now been resolved as Oculus offered a Rift Patch to help smooth things out. Link is given in the article below.

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#3: PlaystationVR might struggle to survive without VR porn

PlayStation VR headset

Like VHS and Betamax and many other examples after, the porn industry continues to be the early adapted and first-mover when it comes to new technology. One of the prime reasons for this is quite simply, its widespread reach and acceptance.

While not everybody might be comfortable talking about their favourite pornstar or preferred fetish, there’s no doubt that porn drives innovation and leads the rest of the world in technology adoption. For example, the fact that there are 5K resolution videos in VR porn, while the rest of the world enjoys FullHD should tell you a lot about the impact.

The fact that PlayStation does not optimise its VR headset for watching videos does not really bode well for the gaming major. Obviously, I understand that the headset was (and continues to be) built to support gaming, but given the trend in the last couple of years, the execs at the company should have realised that the potential VR porn offers to PSVR could very well see them be a mass-market product, if they use the opportunity correctly.

While GearVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive continue to take strides in creating a more seamless VR experience, not only for gamers but for general consumers as well, PSVR might just risk themselves being left out of the game.

#2: Oculus runtime issue


This past week, Oculus users came across this error -> Can’t Reach Oculus Runtime Service, when they tried to connect with their Rift headsets. While this left them unable to enjoy their favourite VR content for hours, the makers released a patch and further information on how to resolve the runtime error.

For those who haven’t installed the patch already, you can download it here -> https://www.oculus.com/rift-patch/

In case, you run into any further errors and need any help, check out this page -> https://support.oculus.com/217157135500529/

#1: SexBabesVR looking for new ideas and feedback

italian blonde rosella fucked sexbabesvr

The sign of any good VR porn studio is if they are able to take feedback from the fans and turn that into constructive action points. The studios that have been able to take feedback in their stride, and make adjustments accordingly, instantly develop a loyal fanbase while those who choose to ignore the comments, tend to slide further down the priority list.

In the dynamic world of tech-powered adult content, like VR porn, it’s imperative that studios understand the pulse of their users and can constantly adapt themselves with market demands. SexBabesVR recently launched a thread of Reddit asking for new ideas and feedback from the users on the social media site. While the move itself can be very much appreciated, the thread turned out to be full of constructive criticism and development points from the fans.

What was even more amazing, was the fact that the studio rep took it upon himself/herself to answer the queries/feedback and try to organize them into points for the producer to look into. It made way for the possibility of seeing adjustments in sex positions, camera angles, new models, threesome acts and getting to see more ‘anal’ content from the studio. It was an excellent move from the studio and something that should be part of their (and every other studio who are in it for the long run) regular brainstorming process.