What is The Cam Dude?

The Cam Dude is a completely free website that specializes in live cams and online sex shows. They review individual cam sites talking about their content, pricing, camera quality, interface and many more. They easily find the pros and cons for each one of them and most of their articles are honest and on point.

They’re serious about the criteria a livecam site should meet and the kind of content they should provide so you always know what to expect when visiting a specific one if you read their review beforehand.

It’s not always easy to find a good cam site, especially if you’re looking for a new one… quickly. There are a lot of disappointing, hard to navigate, scammy cam sites all over the internet and if you’re not an avid consumer you might not be able to always tell the difference, leading to a lot of wasted time or potentially money and a ruined mood.

That’s why there needs to be someone to help you decide what to choose and that’s exactly what The Cam Dude does for us.

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Their purpose is to provide quality info about the best camsites, with the addition of other porn-related websites from time to time (they have a set of articles and a toplist about the best VR porn sites too, for example). Their reviews include both premium and free services, with greater focus on the premium ones because, of course, that’s where all the quality content awaits.

What kind of websites are being reviewed on The Cam Dude?

The Cam Dude covers a great variety of niches. All the reviewed sites are conveniently found on the homepage, organized in toplists like “Live sex cam sites“, “Premium and pay Porn sites“, “Asian cam sites” and more. It’s a great place to go if you want to choose your livecam go-to website that’s both safe and reviewed with honesty.

“I really want this site to able to save you money, to help you find the best live sex shows online, and to educate the cam site owners (and the cam girls) about what we want from them when we sign up to enjoy an intimate session with our favorite live webcam performer.” – The Cam Dude

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The interface of The Cam Dude

The interface is very simple and on point, with all the links from the main lists on the homepage leading to the specific reviews, a blog page where all the new articles can be found and a functional and efficient search bar. It’s simple and easy to navigate for any visitor.

The only thing that I’d prefer to be different here is the way the lists are organized, because they are mixed up a little. It would be better if the cam lists were separate from all the other general porn lists for better navigation just in case you’re there for the cams only , but that’s far from a real problem here.

The “Blog” section on the website covers the content that doesn’t necessarily fit in the homepage toplists – various reviews covering porn blogs, other porn content and anything that could be useful to a porn-thirsty visitor.

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Our conclusion about The Cam Dude

The Cam Dude is a great review website that once discovered will easily become a helpful companion when browsing around the wonderful world of livecams. We recommend you to check their reviews about your favorite sex live show sites and see what other similar options you can find on the lists – you will definitely find new, useful info. And maybe a new addiction!


  • Honest, objective reviews

  • Simple interface

  • Efficient search bar

  • Great variety of porn sites

  • They like VR porn websites 🙂


  • Doesn’t have separate sections for cams/other porn sites

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