She lives in your neighborhood. She is bright and cheerful; the get along with anyone type. She has an eye for sweet things.

The girl I’m describing is Sakura Yuhi, the protagonist of the newly released VR porn game VR Kanojo. After the character description, you might think the game is about establishing a relationship between yourself and the girl; you guessed it right. This one is another Japanese Virtual girlfriend kind of VR porn simulation. Kanojo is the Japanese word for “girlfriend” and reminded me at first of Nanai.

I was asked to help her study… Of course, I’m waiting to progress to the indecent part!

VR Kanojo Sex Simulator – Roomscale VR Porn

The official story says: I was asked to live in the neighborhood to help her study … Rapidly approaching a close relationship with her … I’m waiting to progress to the indecent part! Reading these lines I thought to myself, how long do I have to wait until I get some action? Not too long, I promise. It’s perfect 3D porn for HTC Vive.

Asian on bed

You start off sitting in a room when Sakura shows up. Wow, she is just stunning. The perfect cute looking schoolgirl, they were not lying. She also speaks with a high pitched – typical Asian stereotype – voice which I’m used to from Asian porn and honestly, I love it.

VR Kanojo is a virtual girlfriend simulation, which means there must be some form of social interaction implemented. From time to time she asks you questions, and the way you agree or disagree with them is by just shaking your head. Like the first one “do you want to look under her skirt” which sane person would say no to that kind of question. Instead of pushing on virtual buttons, I thought this new Idea of interaction is refreshing. While you walk around the room, you can enjoy every perspective of Sakura, that you want. Another Roomscale VR porn – overstepping the boundaries of 180° and 360° VR porn videos.

Japanese Women

Experimenting and becoming a fan!

The overall level of detail is extremely high! Especially on Sakura herself. Compared to the recently reviewed La Douche or the Waifu Sex Simulator I have to give the crown to VR Kanojo. The apartment, the furniture, and floors, look really good. Sakura herself is well designed and curvaceous. Her face, skin, and hair look amazing even when you get really close. The physics of the body and skin while moving does look very realistic – except for the boobs. Well, those giant cans jiggle as realistic as you would imagine them. You can touch, squeeze, slap and rub her boobies, ass, swing her hair around or unhook her bra. She reacts by making all those noises like your contact is turning her on like crazy. Using the Oculus Touch controller the whole interaction with Sakura felt very responsive and the animation is smooth.

Considering the complexity of the VR sex simulation, the game has just been released a few days ago. So let’s get to the interesting part: What is possible in VR Kanojo right now? You can dress her up in different costumes, use tools like vibrators on her, let her caress or kiss you or put her in various sex positions. There are seven “hardcore” scenes available, ranging from foreplay to the actual VR sex scene. Also you can choose from ten softcore scenes like Sakura picking up a book while you can look under her skirt – meh. You can even let your dick be displayed and played with. So let’s drop the bombshell on the biggest downside of the game: unnecessarily, VR Kanojo is censored. But in the Demo, you could remove it manually in the game files so there’s hope for the full version, too.

Cute Panties

The weirdest experience with VR Kanojo was when I started the fan mode. You heard right; you can become a fan and blow up her mini skirt. Let’s continue.

Conclusion and Future of the Game

VR Kanojo was developed by Illusion and is available for purchase for approx ~44$. Considering the censorship and the high price I would highly recommend playing the free Demo first, which can be found on their homepage. But is it worth the full price? Sadly I have to say no to that. Don’t get me wrong here – the game was very entertaining, and Sakura is awesome. But I had about 30 to 60 minutes of fun with the story, and I have seen nearly everything it had to offer. Well, the uncensored version hasn’t been released or modded yet which will be my main reason to come back to the game. For half the price I would speak out a recommendation for it, but maybe there’s a sale coming?

I enjoyed every of the seven hardcore scenes available and the reason is Sakura herself. The whole idea of a virtual girlfriend might sound strange – at first. With virtual reality, I can only repeat what I already mentioned when speaking about augmented reality porn. VR porn is more intimate than old school porn. It’s way more intimate, so the way these new VR porn games are about creating a relationship between yourself and the girl is amazing.

In the future, the developer Illusion promised another room and more costumes available. Let’s hope for the removal of the censorship.