VRJenny – Review, Test and Experience

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RJenny has been marketed as an adult VR app where you can do the cyber-nasty with hot, voluptuous ladies wearing an assortment of clothing and performing a range of sexual acts. Basically, all the materials needed to be the app of choice for VR porn enthusiasts. But how does it stand up to our review parameters? Let’s take a look here.

Quick and Easy: Is VRLove worth it?

  • Teledildonics compatible
  • Live pornstar scanned character
  • Offers Free mode
  • Wide range of customisation


  • Graphics need to improve
  • Interactions with character needs to improve


vrlove graphics

The quality of the content is really one of the best out there. They have used Unreal Engine 4 which helps them to generate lifelike renditions. The actions and anticipations of the character seemed very real and did not have any lag as such. They use U3D as a file format and focus mainly on Cardboard and Gear VR. This is since there aren’t that many really good adult games for these platforms.

Overall, the graphics is really good and their work with the UnrealEngine 4 has paid off. With many more advancements yet to come, this will be interesting to watch. I’ll rate it at 4/5.


The game looks to encourage not just VR sex, but interactions, flirtations and then some hardcore action. The premise of the game itself is quite erotic as it looks to increase the foreplay. Additionally, the characters that are presented are quite erotic in itself. You can’t discount how sexy Amarna Miller looks no matter what.

Whether you have a fetish for big breasts, or you like your girls petite and young, you’ll find them all here. That said, the erotica is still dependent on how good the graphics get. We’ll wait for VRLove to improve their graphics but as of now, I’ll rate their erotica at 4/5.


The app currently features a girl performing various sexual acts on your virtual cock. The girl can wear anything ranging from fishnet stockings, bikinis or be completely nude. There are 5 different positions currently available for the character.

The female character is sexy, well-rendered and the mannerisms are relatable. She makes sure to look into the camera to bring in a quantum of interaction between the user and the game. Additionally, the graphics fidelity is quite high which adds to the realism.

There isn’t a whole lot of variety yet. The character can be played in 4-5 different scenarios. As and when more content is added, the variety would grow from thereon.

Since this seems more like a sample product than a finished product, it would be safe to say that there will be more customers, as long as they can keep adding more content.

There wasn’t any lag, though, that depends on the configuration of your smartphone since the app is currently available only for Cardboard and Gear VR. The developer of VR Jenny has mentioned that they intend to add more scenes, but it remains dependent on the response. I’ll rate them a 4/5 for content.


The interaction in the game is limited to a few glances and small chit-chats. There isn’t much to go on for interaction and the game really need to help users build a rapport with the characters, if it wants to retain user attention. The majority of the interaction is during the sex scenes. What they do well, is keeping the characters eye contact with the user, especially during positions like blowjob.

As of now, I’d rate their interaction as 3/5.


As of now, the Story mode offers the ability to interact with Amarna and finally get her to bed. However, it’s quite easy and it would be more fun, if there are bit more challenge to it. We can expect that the later characters are going to be more evolved. It would also be great, if they could allow the user to control the sex actions, the speed of the stroking and allow the characters to properly emote.
For now, I’ll rate the Story, a 3/5.


vrlove pricing

There are two versions available for download. A free version featuring a single sexual act – blowjob is available as a demo, while a premium version unlocks all the other positions. The premium version cost $9.99 currently.


This VR sex game is definitely one of the hottest propositions on the market. If you like an interactive experience that features realistic mannerisms, acts and sounds, you’ll find this at the top of the heap. The lack of content might be a concern for the time being, though, it should be noted that the developers want to update the game with more scenes but seem to be waiting to see the response from people.