SexLikeReal, the biggest VR Tube Porn site has just announced the release of SLR Interactive. An app that connects your phone with Fleshlight Launch KIIROO and other sex toy devices. This app allows you to experience interactive VR videos using the SLR app.

For those not familiar with the SLR app, it is the Netflix of porn. VR porn videos have a large file size due to being recorded in high resolution, which means that it takes a while for the videos to be downloaded. And with a choice of over 120 studios available at SexLikeReal, it can be quite time-consuming to find that perfect video. With the SLR app, you can watch everything directly without having to download and store videos.

The SLR app is currently compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Windows MR, Gear VR, Oculus Go, Daydream and Google Cardboard. Offers 24 full-length free movies, with a choice of over 7000 total videos and around 10 more added daily. And with the addition of SLR interactive things just got a whole lot better.

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The combination of the SLR Interactive app and a sex toy like Fleshlight Launch KIIROO, and plans to add Lovesense Max will take your VR porn experience to the next level. With an automated device that can deliver as much as 180 strokes per minute, all you have to do is sit and enjoy.

The app includes scripts for some of the popular VR porn videos, and plans on having scripts for most of the videos on their website. These scripts will match the motion and rhythm in the video with your fleshlight, which allows you to experience VR porn at it’s best. And all it takes is 3 steps to enjoy an immersive VR experience.

  1. Enable Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone
  2. Log in to the SLR app on your VR headset and SLR Interactive on your android phone
  3. Sit back and enjoy interactive videos in the SLR app

The app works for both streaming and local files. If you are used to local files, you simply have to put the video and the script in the same folder and make sure to rename both files to the same filename. In the future SLR plans to have the scripts on the cloud, which means you will no longer have to download the scripts.

The SLR Interactive app is currently available on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store directly. A good thing about the app is that there is no mention of images of adult content, even if someone notices the app installed on your phone unless they specifically know what SLR means you have nothing to worry about. For iPhone users, SLR mentioned that the app is coming to the App Store soon as well.

If you are using the Google Cardboard or GreatVR headsets you will need an additional phone to connect to the interactive toy. For now, it’s not possible to have the phone in VR mode and connected to a Bluetooth device at the same time. For the best experience, it is recommended to use a higher tier VR headset like Oculus Quest or the newly released headsets like Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, Samsung Odyssey+ or HTC Vive Pro.

The SLR Interactive app is still in its early days and receives frequent improvement updates. In order to keep up with all the updates, I would recommend checking out the SexLikeReal Blog.

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