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Best Adult Movies in Virtual Reality

#10 WankzVR – Zombie Slayers

WankzVR’s “Zombie Slayers” deserves mention solely based on it being the first real movie! Nevertheless, that alone wouldn’t qualify it for the Top 10. It truly is an excellent experience with some good porn humor. I had to laugh a few times which is kinda weird during the fapping. The main issue with this scene is the lightning. That aside, the pornstars are hot as fuck and the sex scenes are superb. You should definitely check it out!

Ever wanted to fuck some hot zombie slayers? Now’s your chance, so worth it!

#9 BaDoinkVR – She Cums With The House

Aidra Fox is freaking hot and even more so in Virtual Reality. “She Cums With The House” is a high-quality BaDoinkVR video that lets Aidra Fox show her skill. This VR porn video has some sideways fucking. Which lets it stand out and is something unique I totally enjoyed experiencing. Still, the sexiness of Aidra Fox alone makes it into my personal Top 10!

Aidra Fox in high-quality Virtual Reality sex? Count me in!

#8 WankzVR – Tailgate Tag Team

“Tailgate Tag Team” is pretty much the predecessor of our #1 place “Santa’s Wankzshop.” A rather long video where you get to fuck three different girls with the first steps towards an actual story. WankzVR is the company that provides high-quality cosplay/roleplay videos, and Tailgate fits right into that category. The amazingly cute Gina Valentina gets to work on you with her friends. The only critique I have is the rather long bar scene where nothing much happens. However, the rest of the scene is top-notch!

Another great WankzVR video. WankzVR dominated 2016 with quality, quantity, and innovations!

#7 BaDoinkVR – Going Deep

“Going Deep” is a perfect example why BaDoinkVR is VRPornMania’s highest quality winner. The clarity and quality of this video are unmatched. I absolutely loved it! The scene itself, of course, is just as great with Adriana Chechik getting fucked good. You get a great view of all the action without anything to throw you out of immersion, and that’s how it should be!

Highest-quality VR porn video you will find. Love Adriana Chechiks performance. Great video overall!

#6 Virtual Taboo – JOI with Proxy Paige

I never was a Jerk-of-Instructions (JOI) fan but this video… My god, it showed me the true potential of JOI in Virtual Reality. And Proxy Paige is just stunningly good at this. The moment when she truly deepthroated her dildo gave me the rest – just imagining her doing this to you. Even so, I feel like I am repeating myself on every one of my Top 10 scenes: A must-see! Though the Virtual Taboo website isn’t the most professional looking, their videos are top-notch!

Proxy Paige showed me what a JOI has to look like and how freaking great it is in Virtual Reality!

#4 WankzVR – Introducing Nikkita Diamond

Nikkita Diamond is just the perfect woman for Virtual Reality. She got the chemistry, knows how to work the camera, is sexy as fuck and has some serious skill. The creampie in this video is on par with “The Rehearsal” (#3), maybe even better because you get a good view and she works it. What makes this video so great, however, is just the way she acts in front of the camera. It is all so natural and real, you truly feel like you are with her that she just wants you right now and there. Wonderful!

One of the best solo performances 2016. The sexual vibe she’s got. Wow!

#3 VirtualRealPorn – The Rehearsal

VirtualRealPorn‘s “The Rehearsal” with Harmony Reigns is one of my all-time favorites. It was the first Virtual Reality porn I watched, and it instantly made me fall in love with the genre. The charisma of the pornstar is so important in VR porn, and Harmony Reigns makes you truly feel like you are sleeping with her. The Rehearsal probably features the best creampie of all videos with all the emotions that come along with it. She truly knows how to give a man what he needs!

“The Rehearsal” truly shows the potential of Virtual Reality porn to make you truly feel like you are with her. A must-experience for everyone!

#2 BaDoinkVR – Just Friends

Riley Reid is a goddess! She has some great VR adult content but “Just Friends” from BaDoinkVR just knocks it out of the park. That girl really knows how to work a cock! And how to act in front of a camera. She makes you forget that you are looking through a camera and that’s what it’s all about. What makes “Just Friends” this great is her skill. My god, I’ve never seen a girl deepthroat such a huge cock with so much skill and enthusiasm. You even come down her throat, something you seldom find even in regular porn. Just stunning!

If real (!) deepthroat is your thing “Just Friends” from BaDoinkVR is a must-see. No way around it. Amazing!

#1 WankzVR – Santa’s Wankzshop

Wow! WankzVR is without a doubt the best studio and is dominating the top 10 movies. WankzVR got everything: The quality, the content, the pornstars and the most amazing must-see video of all: Santa’s Wankzshop! It’s a true movie at 109 minutes and has some of the hottest scenes in Virtual Reality. Let’s start with what makes it so great: You fuck four stunningly hot pornstars, it has a funny plot, it never gets boring, the girls know how to behave in front of the camera, it’s length is good for a few faps and it’s always a pleasure to rewatch.

I really can’t find any negative points that would be worth mentioning. An absolute must-see! If you want to get any subscription, get WankzVR, they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


Making this Top 10 list was more difficult than I imagined. It could’ve easily been a Top 25 or more. There are so many great videos just due to the nature of Virtual Reality. The feeling you get from experiencing sex in Virtual Reality is always something special – even with an objectively bad video! Nevertheless, I managed to rank my personal best VR porn. It is my opinion, and I’m sure many would have sorted them differently and taken different videos in the Top 10. Sexual desires are the one thing where everyone is different. Still, I think most will enjoy the videos on this list.

Ever wanted to fuck some hot zombie slayers? Now’s your chance, so worth it!

I know all of those scenes come with a subscription. That’s how it is! Quality comes with a price and supporting those companies in delivering the highest possible quality is essential for all of us. Virtual Reality recordings are very expensive to produce. That is why there are no free amateur videos out there. Get a subscription: It is easy, cheap and totally anonymous. And you will be able to download all the high-quality adult content you always wanted!